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To qualify for EARLY BIRD registration, registration fees must be received by 30th November 2017. Registration fees are based on date of payment receipt, not the date of receipt of registration form.

Please read convention's terms & conditions before continuing the registration. You will be requested to agreed on the terms in order to complete the registration. 

Registration rates:

Early Bird Registration: DKK 2.960 / € 396 From 15th June 2017 - 30th November 2017

Regular Registration: DKK 3.975 / € 530 From 1st December 2017 - 28th February 2018

Late Registration: DKK 4.950 / € 660 From 1st March 2018 – 31st May 2018

Super Late & Onsite Registration: DKK 6.450 / € 860 From 1st June 2018

1-Day Pass: DKK 1.125 / € 150

Nordic Rose Weekend (during 28th June - 1st July): DKK 2.960 / € 396 applies for delegates attending Nordic Rose Weekend. The delegate must be a member of the rose society of one of the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden.

Social event - Banquet & Closing Ceremony on 4 July: DKK 525 / € 70

A Fairytale Monarchy

”There lived once a great queen, in whose garden were found, at all seasons, the most splendid flowers, and from every land in the world. She specially loved roses, and therefore she possessed the most beautiful varieties of this flower, from the wild hedge-rose, with its apple-scented leaves, to the splendid Provence rose. They grew near the shelter of the walls, wound themselves round columns and window-frames, and crept along passages and over the ceilings of the halls. They were of every fragrance and colour.”

Thus begins Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale ”The loveliest rose in the world”. The essence of the fairytale is The Rose as symbol of love.


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